1. Ability to rapidly learn new skills and concepts. Veterans undergo strenuous training programs to become experts in a wide-range of skills and concepts. They are renowned for their ability to absorb, retain, leverage and quickly master complex concepts and competencies.
  2. Strong leadership qualities. Military members are always training to become tomorrow's leaders. They are well schooled in the academic theory of leadership; as well as understand and have used practical ways to manage behaviors for results.
  3. Flexibility to work vigorously in teams or work independently. Veterans are instilled with a deep sense of team. Veterans are no stranger to teamwork and group productivity; it also develops individuals able to perform independently at a very high level.
  4. Ability to work efficiently and diligently in a fast-paced environment. Veterans develop the capacity and time-management skills needed to know how to accomplish tasks correctly and on time, in spite of constrained resources and immense pressure
  5. Adaptive, creative & innovative. Veterans have succeeded in rapidly changing, challenging and often hostile environments. Their ability to innovate novel solutions in dynamic environments enables an organization to adapt, grow and scale.
  6. Diversity and strong interpersonal skills. Veterans work side by side with individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic, cultural backgrounds, economic status, geographic origins as well as mental, physical and attitudinal capabilities. Most have also deployed to numerous foreign countries, yielding a greater appreciation for the diverse nature of our globalized economy.
  7. Hands on experience with technology and globalization. Today's military uses cutting-edge communications, security, computer networks and hardware technology to maintain our dominance over the enemy in the battlefield.
  8. Strong personal integrity. The military demand that individuals not only abide by a high Code of Ethics but that they live it each and every day. Their ethos benefits any culture they join.
  9. Entrepreneurism. Military tasking's intrinsically predisposing them to proficiency in entrepreneurial skill sets, which they bring to bear inside or outside an organization.
  10. Public Service. Veterans have an incredibly developed sense of duty. They seek to serve in multiple facets of their post-military lives.

Top 10 Values of Veterans.