This program will lead to ownership of a small business in development through hands-on experience, after hours academic training and sponsorship of the veteran with tools, legal assistance and other requirements for veterans to start and operate a successful construction enterprise.  With opportunities in electrical, plumbing, roofing, masonry, carpentry and many other skills earnings for these veterans after their work in the Florida Keys can be life-changing.  Civilian construction SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) are working alongside former military personnel to ensure a thorough comprehension is gained enabling a successful start-up of their business. For more information, please contact Josh Wiese: j.wiese@darkhorsebenefits.com

Veteran Career Placements


Military veterans are invaluable assets to families, communities, companies, and organizations. They execute tactical actions with strategic implications, delivering value and developing themselves and those around them.They exude leadership, management, teamwork, accountability, and responsibility.

Veterans can be a huge asset to your organization.

​Darkhorse Benefits mission is to create awareness of and opportunities for Veterans to leverage their unique knowledge, skills and abilities in leadership, citizenship, and community - all facets of their civilian lives.

Special Operations Support Program

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Veteran Career Training

Military Veterans and SME's on our first project. 

Coconut Cove in Islamorada, FL on 9/21/2017

     Parts of the Florida Keys were devastated by Hurricane Irma.  Veterans have served their country; many are experiencing difficulty finding meaningful careers without a 4 year college degree.  Both the keys and a great deal of veterans need to be rebuilt.  Darkhorse Benefits is joining forces with Premier Construction and several other organizations to enable not only the assistance in the Florida Keys but providing valuable construction industry training and experience to these veterans.  

Assisting our Nations Veterans during their transition from Military to Civilian life has a major impact on their career success.  Darkhorse Benefits and its Partners work together to train our Veterans in multiple high-demand skill sets to better prepare them for a better future.

The US Military's Special Operations Forces are the tip of the spear in today's military.  Darkhorse Benefits works with Ashley Homestore & Tempur Sealy through donations of Mattresses to Active Duty, National Guard and Reserve Units across the country.  Operation Rest Easy has donated over 3,500 Mattress to over 50 Special Operations Squadrons.

Many of our veterans are prepared to go right into today's civilian workforce and make an impact.  Darkhorse is here to assist those Veterans in finding rewarding employment opportunities through our partners.  We also assist in resume writing, interview coaching and job searching tips.